Sunday, 26 January 2014

Best Pad Thai in Wellington?

A challenge of sorts if you will- where do you think the best Pad Thai in Wellington can be found?

My vote goes to somewhere fairly obscure and unusual but boy do they do a great Pad Thai; Khmer Satay Noodle House in The Reading Cinemas Complex on Courtenay Place. It is an exceptional Pad Thai. Generously proportioned, spicy, sweet, sour and crunchy from the smattering of crushed peanuts.  Everything a good Pad Thai should be. Also, exceptionally good value at $12.90. I fondly remember when I was first year at uni and it was $7.00. Times have changed since 2003. 


  1. I can't comment on their pad thai (as I never get past ordering supreme chicken satay, with extra peanut sauce...) but I agree that Khmer SNH in Reading Courtenay is a hidden gem!

    1. That's Blair's favourite, and I have to agree it's also very good. We must do a Pad Thai run next time you're home :)