Sunday, 9 February 2014

Flying Burrito Brothers: a review

Blair and I went to Flying Burrito Brothers (FBB) for dinner after seeing 12 Years A Slave (very good and important movie but I found the violence too much and was left feeling out of sorts afterwards) on Saturday night. We arrived at 8:30 and the place looked like it was closing! Luckily it was still bustling downstairs and we were seated quickly.

One of my latest pregnancy cravings has been for Mexican food. I've been cooking it as much as possible but was time to bring out of the big guns and go for the proper stuff. Blair kindly agreed to indulge my cravings at FBB as it had been a couple of years since our last visit.

The ambiance of the restaurant is great. Upstairs is the bar and more casual seating at high tables whilst downstairs is quite dimly lit and there are lots of candles dotted about.

We started with chilli con queso which is a mildly spicy melted cheese dip (kind of like fondue) served with corn chips. I thought it was ok but not very exciting. Blair loved it though. I ordered a virgin Margarita and Blair had the regular kind which he reported to be boozy and good.

For his main Blair had the spicy beef fajitas which came out on the amazing sizzling plate, filling the room with smoke and making our neighbouring tables cough (sorry!) and splutter (sorry!) His dish was huge with all kinds of sides: soft tortillas, guac, two kinds of salsas, sour cream, Mexican rice, salad and re-fried beans. His beef was listed as hot on the menu didn't have much spice at all and there were heaps of capsicums on the sizzling platter too - possibly too many, Blair reported. It was a big serving and he couldn't finish it all. We agreed that it seemed a bit measly to only give 3 tortillas for a serving that big (and the extras were $4 on the menu). The meal cost $27.

My main was Mole chicken enchiladas which were absolutely delicious. I remember going to the Chocolate Festival at the Intercontinental Hotel with Erin a few years back and watching a Mexican chef demo making Mole sauce. It's an involved recipe and has chocolate in it which gives the sauce it's rich flavour. This rendition was exceptional and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of the two enchiladas. My meal came with a small dish of Mexican rice (which I reckon is exactly like that Uncle Ben's microwave rice, so I left it behind) salad, sour cream, salsa and guacamole.

We'd been eyeing up the churros with chocolate sauce for pudding but we were too full. Maybe next time. Our meal, with 1 entree, 2 mains, 1 virgin Margarita, 1 alcoholic Margarita cost $85 which is pretty pricey. It was delicious and we'd return, but for a special occasion, probably not just a Saturday evening after a movie dinner - it's a bit expensive for that in my opinion.