Sunday, 9 June 2013

Restaurant Review: Mad Mex, Lambton Square, Wellington

My husband has been eager to take me to this great little Mexican place he found (his words) in Lambton Square. Lambton Square on Lambton Quay used to be this grotty little mall but it has recently had a huge makeover. It now has a food court and part of that is this little Mexican place, which is separated off a bit and has its own seating. It's kind of like Subway, you choose your style (burrito, soft taco, hard taco, quesadilla, nachos, toasted tortilla, naked burrito) then your meat, then your fillings and sauce. It's quick and a clever idea. Here's a link to their menu.

I was super excited, I love Mexican food. Having done my usual pre-visit perusal of the menu I already knew what I wanted. Soft shell tacos with shredded pork, all the fillings, guacamole and hot chilli sauce. It was $12.90 ($10.90 without the guac) and seriously delicious. Not just a little bit of deliciousness but a whole lot.  My husband had the chicken burrito and said it was excellent. We had these fun sodas that are made in Mexico. Mine was pineapple and had a slice of lime in the top, like you'd do with a Corona. I'd spied frozen margaritas ($7 all day Saturday, bonus!) and churros with chocolate sauce so we shared those for pudding. The margarita was good, lots of tequila in there but I find the frozen ones hard to drink (ice-cream headache anyone?) The churros.... phwoar! 2 huge sticks of cinnamon sugared goodness and warm dark chocolate sauce. Heaven.

I rate this a whole lot of deliciousness on the deliciousness scale.

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