Sunday, 9 June 2013

Recipe - Thai style baked chicken with fragrant rice

One of my latest creations - a Thai style baked chicken which goes perfectly with this fragrant rice I dreamt up. The recipe came from having a whole lot of Thai ingredients in my fridge which were intended for tom kha gai soup but never made it... they were about to turn and I hate wasting expensive herbs. So I chucked them all together and came out with this rather fabulous recipe (if I do say so myself!)

Chicken thighs (boned or bone in - doesn't matter)
A tablespoon or two of good quality (preferably fresh) satay sauce (I used Mouthtraps, available in the chiller at good supermarkets)
A couple of red or green chillies, chopped
A handful (to taste) of coriander with stems, chopped roughly
A stalk of lemongrass, cut into thumb size pieces and bruised
A knob of ginger, grated
A splosh of fish sauce
A splosh of soy sauce
A small amount of palm sugar, grated/crumbled

As you can see I don't weigh or measure the majority of my ingredients!

Chuck all the ingredients except the lemon into a large snaplock bag and pop into the fridge to marinate for at least an hour. When you decide the chicken has marinated long enough, turn the oven on to 180 - 200 degrees and bake the chicken in an oven-proof dish until it is done. I usually turn the chicken thighs at least once during cooking.

Whilst the chicken is in the oven get the fragrant rice going. Here's my very simple fragrant rice recipe.

Rice - I use basmati
Cinnamon (powdered or quill)
1 star anise
A few whole cloves

Follow the usual absorption method but add a dash of salt, a pinch or a quill of cinnamon, a star anise and a few cloves to the water. Remove hard spices before serving. Yum yum.

Apologies for lack of photos, next time I make this (in the next few days I'm sure!) I'll edit and add some.

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